What’s In It For Me?

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Let’s be honest, we are a self-centered bunch!

Here is a cold hard fact that you should learn sooner rather than later.  Your clients aren’t buying what you do. They are only interested in the end result.
When scrolling through the numerous choices for junk removal (or anything else) listed online they may be thinking “Who should I hire to get rid of this old furniture?” But, subconsciously they are really thinking “What’s in it for me?”

People buy benefits, not features

Most of the time, we describe what we do it in terms of its features. We do demolition, debris removal, moving & hauling.  What we can learn from the most successful ad campaigns is that people don’t buy features.  They buy benefits.  Which means that in all our written and verbal communications we need to make sure we’re constantly talking about those benefits.
This is one piece of advice I follow on my website as does Housecall Pro.  I took the image below from their website.  They clearly identify how their software will make your life better then go on to describe the features.

This is a great example how to market benefits over features
Benefits before features

What problem do you solve?

Before you put together your next campaign or post look at each of your services closely.  Ask yourself, why does my customer want the junk out of their garage? What will be the benefit?  What emotional cord will it strike? Safety because their car won’t have to sit outside anymore?  Relaxation because they can now convert that space into a man cave?  What will it mean to them to have the old shed or hot tub removed?   Identifying and using a few core benefits in your marketing will help you stand out above the competition.


Nothing good comes easy.

It is easy to say “XYZ junk removal will clean out your garage.” I have learned that marketing isn’t easy.   It requires some thought.  It requires that we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers.   I’ve also learned that taking the time to think my advertising through helps me discard the junk and make way for what works.


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