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America’s Cash Flow Crisis

The statistics revealed in the latest “The State of Small Business Cash Flow”, a global study conducted by Intuit (the makers of QuickBooks)  are STAGGERING! Results indicate that 61% of

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Can You Run A Better Business?

No matter how good business is, successful owners are always asking themselves “How can I run a better business?” You already know that consistent evaluation is a must if you

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What’s Your Exit Strategy?

As you prepare to exit 2018, I thought I would talk about your business exit strategy. Do you have one?  You may be thinking to yourself, my doors aren’t even

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Become a Prepper

A Financial Prepper That Is ~ Think it’s too early to think about taxes?  It’s not.  In fact,  now is the perfect time to prepare your books for tax season. 

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Do You Need an Accountable Plan?

To Be Accountable or Not To Be Accountable, that is the question. Do you reimburse yourself for business expenses you pay with out-of-pocket?  What about your employees? If so, keep

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We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by all that goes into running a successful business.  If you’re like us, you want to control all aspects of your business… 

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