Dump Your Financial Junk

Bookkeeping and Taxes from the only firm specializing in the junk removal industry, Nailed It Business Services

Bookkeeping headaches
piling up?

Allow your small business to thrive and grow by outsourcing your bookkeeping. If you don’t have your business finances sorted, how can you plan for the future of your business?

Unsure of tax rules and regulations

Stressing over finances

Missing business opportunities

Wearing too many hats

Loosing time

Books aren’t up-to-date

Unsure of tax rules and regulations

Stressing over finances

Missing business opportunities

Wearing too many hats

Loosing time

Wouldn’t you love to let go of financial stress and focus on growing your business?

We get it, Bookkeeping is confusing and you don’t have the time to learn complex finances including payroll, reporting, bookkeeping, and tax forms like your 1040 and Schedule C. But by working with Nailed It Business Services, you can cut your bookkeeping time by 95%.

With our customized bookkeeping plans, we promise you will:

Because of Nailed It Business Services, dozens of junk removal businesses are more confident in their finances.

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Years Experience
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Business owners know how to navigate QuickBooks
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Junk haulers just like you have cut their bookkeeping time by 95%

As a startup business we needed someone just like Tina to help us with our books!

Austin Fiedler

Lemur Tree Care

Tina has helped me take control of my books so that I’m completely organized come tax season and have better control over my business finances.

Jonathan Whitaker

Clutch Junk Removal

Tina is very thorough and helpful in her QuickBooks training. She moved at the pace I needed in order for me to learn and understand the system and how everything works. I highly recommend Tina’s services to business owners utilizing QuickBooks. Thank you for everything Tina and I look forward to continuing working together!!!

Jamey Peacock

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling

Tina has done an amazing job getting our franchise set up and running in quickbooks. She has gone the extra mile helping out team get employee ID number from the state and additional training and support. The business would be off to a much slower start with out her experience. God bless you.

John Merwald

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Northern Idaho

From the first day my wife and I had our consultation with Tina we new she is who we wanted to work with. Tina has streamlined my books to ensure everything is accounted for efficiently and makes sense. I’m the type of person who goes into my books everyday! guess because I didn’t trust something and now I have no need to do that what so ever! She uses all the tools in quick books which makes things more secure and safe. I finally have piece of mind after 3 years in business to where I don’t need to check my books everyday because I have a competent bookkeeper who is a perfect fit for my business. Thanks Tina!

Jonathon Moore

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling

Highly recommended, over and beyond customer service from start to finish!!

Jeff Carr

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling Concord

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Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your small business bookkeeping and taxes are in capable hands

9 Tips For Managing Your Financial Junk Faster